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The DC Netz Borwin3 GmbH (Tennet TSO) ordered a power transmission system to connect the offshore wind parks in cluster Borwin to the 400kV grid onshore. The energy of the single wind mills is collected at an independent AC offshore platform in the wind parks. AC bulk energy is transmitted via AC cable to the HVDC PLUS converter platform. The energy of the cluster is transmitted to the onshore converter station Emden East via a high voltage DC cable system. Energy is then fed into the existing public-grid.

SIEMENS Aktiengesellschaft (AG), Energy Management, Transmission Solution, is responsible as member on consortium for the provision of erection mechanical & electrical works (installation) for the construction of an HVDC offshore converter platform in the yard of Dry Dock World Dubai, Jumeirah Beach Road Dubai, UAE; awarded a Sub-Contract for the mechanical & electrical works (installation) with REMCON Electrical Co. LLC.

The scope included all services including erection mechanical and electrical works, including but not limited to Contractors Plant Tools, consumable materials. Manpower, services temporary works, as per the relevant scope & specification.

The work covers the following equipment’s

  • Converter Hall: Converter Equipment Installation and Labelling
  • Converter Cooling System: Converter Cooling Piping System, connection to converter tower, tightness and air out of the cooling circuit
  • DC Equipment installation works and necessary labeling
  • Buswork Including Post Insulators: Converter room buswork/HV Equipment connections and all respective accessories
  • Reactor/DC Room buswork/HV Equipment connections including all respective accessories
  • Cabling and Termination works of FOC cables between converter and C&P room